May 18, 2006

Teachers and Teacher training - A growth industry.

The "Dummies" books and extensions have bilions in sales. Simple idea, well exceuted and deeply distributed.

A neat Web 2.0 idea that was mentioned in Rick Segal's panel discussion was Nuvvo - a slick site aimed at building curriculums and teaching schedules

As he mentioned it, I quickly pulled up the site and I like what I saw. In a perfect world, great curriculums could be shared and collaberated upon and new standards set.

I have spent the last few months working with a local teacher training company (global focus) called Power-Ed .

Teacher training is a big industry. We need new improved ways to engage our youth (K-12) at school. They are learning so much more outside class, especially new tools, and that knowledge needs to be leveraged in the classroom.

My gut says that the US establishment will fight this tooth and nail. The good news (my view) - the establishment is OLD!

Fortunately, our advantage at Power-Ed is the rest of the world is YOUNG when it comes to teaching methods. This is an area we can't afford to let Power-Ed exploit only overseas. Foreign countries are starved for the teacher accreditation that Power-Ed offers through it's relationship with CITA.

George Ward is considered the "Father of on-line universities" responsible for the build-out of Cisco's University. He has left Cisco after twelve years to build this Company with a talented management team.

I am glad to be involved in this early stage project that is moving fast. If you are interested in this area we are looking for talent on this project. Let me know.

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