May 19, 2006

Telling it like it is...

I was doing some last minute reading and found this great piece by Jeff Matthews that covers so many good nuggets of information on stocks and the market.

He truly is a master thinker when it comes down to it. Shame he picked such a stressful way to make money. I would love to pick his brain and will be bugging him for an interview.


1. When a CEO complains about short sellers - RUN, do whatever you can - but SELL and be done. EVEN SWITCH PHONE SERVICES :).

2. If you issue a price target for a stock in any public way - you are an asshole and more of a shameless promoter than you think. Keep it to yourself. Jeff is much more gentile about it but implies the same thing. It is like a carnival person yelling numbers. It is really one of my many beefs with the new Cramer. If he likes something fine - stop predicting and throwing around targets. Again - just read the great post.

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