May 25, 2006

Web 2.0 bubble or Saudi stock investor? I'll take Web 2.0!

I despise bubble talk. I despise even more the former bubble babies using the term. Shut up!

If you sit in front of a computer all day drinking Jolt and looking at lame social networking ideas and than talk to the same 100 people on Technorati - yes - YOU SEE A BUBBLE. Have a party and talk about it some more - oh yeah, you do - I shamelessly attended one. Your 56,000 readers may be slightly affected. WOOO scary!

The entrepreneurs that pounded their chests at $1 billion valuations the first go around are now consultants or working for corporate internet brands in cities far away from San Francisco. But, they seem to be the loudest chirpers when talk of an internet billboard ad seen in San Francisco pops up.

"Oh dude, that's the bubble back again. It is gonna' end so bad."

Stop bitching and analyzing "THE BUBBLE" and take part in it. Quit your crappy sell-out job and make your investors back some money you blew when you thought your $2 billion dollar internet snot swapping BtoB/BtoC/Ecommerce/SupplyChain company was heading to $8 billion because you owned

The web 2.0 is just a rush of energy and silliness, NOT A BUBBLE. When it slows - IT WILL - 20,000 people that were not being paid anyways will stop being paid. Soap, Deodorant and Shampoo sales will rise, while Red Bull and Hansen's juice will see their stocks decline. Let me leap from a building now - the horror.


I think the bad web 2.0 companies will bring greater attention to models that really work in niches that have gone unrecognized. The sooner the better obviously, BUT, IT WILL HAPPEN.

At this stage in the cycle - investing in and starting beta companies for eyeballs is not a bubble - it's stupidity. Writing about them and thinking you are important is also a bubble. All you do is contribute to the real issue of this stage of the interent - ATTENTION . Fred has "the money tag-line" and writes about the ATTENTION CRISIS in this post . Web 2.0 is just noise in a long term internet trend ride to some serious dineros.

Rick Segal mentioned in a panel discussion I visited in Toronto that he looks for companies with passionate users that are willing to pay. How is that a bubble. That's just web and venture smart. Count me in on that - ALWAYS.

Dude, Jolt is so last-century. All the cool hackers drink RedBull. ;)
Great Info
Candice - correct

I corrected myself later in the post by saying that Red Bulls stock would drop.

Interesting blog you have by the way. Well done.
Hmm. Perhaps? Redbull has done so well as a brand, though. Jolt has always been more of an underground thing.

(Though I'm not sure how underground it is anymore, what with it being sold on various lame nerd ecommerce stuff.)

And thanks. I wander over here from chartreuse from time to time.
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