May 28, 2006

Weekend Linkage

The resurrection of Al Gore - a great read from Wired . More on the environmental topic in the New York Times and discussed from a venture point of view from Fred

Cool Maoxian saves me reading Barron's every weekend with his recap. Thanks dude.

Maoxian also caught this classic IRS behavior. God help us all.

CrowdSourcing - Wired has a great story on the phenomenon. I gotta believe this is a big term as Web 2.0 evolves into better business models - Web anyone?
UPDATE - add this New York Times article on movie site IMDB to a successul foray in CrowdSourcing

Bessemer Ventures is making cool investments and David Cowan has a blog that covers their investment ideas.

Coolest web idea I have seen in a while for selling something that should have no value. I am buying one and so should you.

Websites as graphs - waaaaay cool.

John Gruber on the greatness of Apple and Microsoft's new fear factor.

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