May 23, 2006

Why Google still Wins for now. Stop your biiitching.

The whole freakin' tech blogosphere takes aim at Google as they launch new products to find the next great thing. With the launch of Google Video ads today, there will be three days biiitching about how lame Google is. At least Pete Cashmore offers ideas . Guess what - Google is probably listening.

They miss the BIG PICTURE. Google launches ideas, gets immediate feedback - no shipping, no packaging, no manufacturing. They are brains in a room. They will be wrong. Not as wrong as NEWCoke or Microsoft B(L)OB by the way!

They can have a much higher failure rate. All it does is solidify their old way of selling ads anyway while they probe.

When Dell has a bomb, they have design, manufacturing, printing, distribution, packaging and finally customer service costs.

Same for the old Microsoft way of packaged software goods.

Google - fires a brain and a marketing terd. By the sound of the blogosphere on Google Video Ads - two brainiacs were released this afternoon. They will miss the food from what I hear :)

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