May 11, 2006

YouTube - It's the speeeeeed...DUDE!

The story of YouTube is exciting.

Their victory over Google in video is playing out and captured today by Fred Wilson in a cool post . The comments are informative as well. Note - if you are reading a good blog - assume the readers are smart and READ the comments.

I have no idea of all the technical hoodoo and the future of features but at this stage in the game - they WIN!

It will be studied and give hope to the little guy - hooray!


Three words - David vs. Goliath. Always gonna be a cool story and always relevant.

Until Tiger Woods came along, I ALWAYS rooted for the underdog.

And, if Google wins this in the end, I won't mind.

As long as you don't take steroids, your shit works, and works FAST, and does not leave a RASH on my hard drive - Goliath can win with me in the internet era. I am for sale to shit that works in the post Microsoft era.

So, for me I am interested in the freaking speed at which this happened. How cool is that. Where the f@#ck did these guys come from.

Go back - read the growth stats from Fred's article again . Dizzying.

That's the story. That's the sex and allure of this web 2.0 era.

Let me further explain.

Avian FLU - horrible thing - HUGE media coverage - Globally going to wreak havoc - The deadly virus. Boring!

I mean, it's still gotta travel by Airplane and Boat and Rail. How 20th century. How 28k modem. The story lacks real broadband.

Now You Tube. Now that's a virus. It's the "avian flu" of the internet. A good flu. The friendly virus. The little video virus that could!

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