June 07, 2006

Adsense is NONSENSE!

There is a lot of talk in the blogsphere about which type of network works best for bloggers. Chartreuse had the founders of 9Rules write a guest blog today. It does nothing for me, but they say it's working.

I have been entering the conversation saying that none of the networks really work if you are looking to monetize.


Most bloggers don’t have the tools or solution to properly monetize good content and structure good sales pitches. Google sprayed a solution from 1 billion feet. Good for them. It has worked well for them for sure. I think there is a huge underbelly to attack from a much lower altitude. Google won't build brands and won't really help bloggers in it's current state. If you don't believe me, maybe Scott Karp? The nerds that vote with their eyeballs and clicks say that he is smart!

I say AdSense is NONSENSE and the “Hockey Stick” ( I am Canadian and hate "Tipping Point") in blogging is at hand. Bloggers won’t quit. Too many good ones entering the fray with too much to say. There is a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY HERE TO HELP BLOGGERS MONETIZE. It just has to be better than ADSENSE. How hard can that be?

The big money will be in the companies that can deliver tools and services that properly equip the professional blogger with solutions that make money for their efforts. The Venture Capitalists have identified a few. Feedburner is one .

UPDATE - Other cool ideas that may work are:

Shopify and,

If you have any other ideas, please share your thoughts with me on this if you would be so kind.


I think that the key is privacy and small network. It is mind boggling how myspace attracted so many people, but based on the L&F it wont last.

Early bloggers are enthusiasts. Mature bloggers want to be paid. You have classic open source vs. microsoft clash that is not going to be settled.

My space is an ugly train wreck - but it could last longer than most people think.

What is a mature blogger I guess is the question. If there was agood model to be paid early, the quality and enthusiasm may rise quicker as well.
Howard: here you are on a money making idea. whoever finds a way to monetise blogging effectively will make a fortune because all the bloggers will swarm to them. Now if only we were smart enough to work out how to actually do this.
You are - focus that lovely australian anger and CREATE
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