June 08, 2006

All is well for now - maybe - I think, toes and fingers crossed

Rest assured that the cheerleading will be in full force tomorrow on CNBC so in honor of that, I bring back my cheerleading dude.

It may not last long but it sure got fast and ugly in Asia and Europe and right here in our markets.

We closed strong and as Trader Mike points out, the volume was huge. JAPAN is up 1 percent in early trading.

I don't think we go stright up from here, but I would not be surprised to see some good gains in Commodities and Emerging markets off the lows set today.

Blogger has been down and I got a lot of email today about my thoughts. I am sticking with India, Russia and japan for a trade and a few oil and lots of gold stocks. I stayed short Fedex and UPS, but may cover early.

I am off to San Francisco tomorrow for some GolfNow related business and a blogger conference. I love San Francisco and am looking forward to the cool weather and some Chinese food.

If you have some good ideas on where to hang or want to talk stocks or internet just send me an email or leave a comment.

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