June 12, 2006

The Big Whoosh?!@^#%*??

It's late and I am downloading another episode of "The Office". Steve Carroll and the rest of the cast are just freaking awesome. I love this show. I am addicted.

I see that the Nikkei is down another 500 plus points. Gold is down another $10.

I am setting a late night game plan.

I would love to see Gold down another $10-$20 overnight and the US futures limit down. With quadruple option expiration this Friday, volume will be dizzying as it is.

The trader in me would buy a limit down and scale in with calls into a further mess for a bounce next week.

Screening through the option chains now of stocks I would consider for the biggest bounces. Unfortunately, most of the stocks I would buy are ETF's that don't trade options yet. RatFarts!

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