June 14, 2006

"Blogentrepreneurship" - Everyone can be acquired and the Empire of ONE - All Aboard!

Blogging is "tipping" (hate the word, but too tired right now), we all know that. The tools are available and growing exponentially - see all my previous posts. Blogentrepreneurship is "Prime Time".

Jeff Clavier, who I met at a web 2.0 unconference and just seems tireless, has my idea of the perfect job. Impossible work, and long hours, but surely rewarding.

He has a great post on "blogentrepreneurship" that gave me a few Eureka moments that I can't wait to flesh out and share.

True Ventures , who is funding Om Malik as he leaves Business 2.0 to focus on his blogging brand, will most likely be hugely successful for the exact reasons they post on their homepage. Om Malik has an awesome blog. I have not met him, but love his style and I am sure can build something that will make a nice return for the size of the investment needed.

It is an undeniable fact. Content is becoming cheaper and cheaper to create and the pool of global talent is getting wider and deeper. Get ready for a 10-20 year continued frenzy of create, build, flip businesses in the blogentrepreneurship space. media companies forced to grow and seeing market share sliver as content goes deeper and wider will continue their acquisitions unabated.

How can this all happen and how come everybody is an acquisition target? As Ted Knight so eloquently put in CaddyShack (my all-time fave movie) - "The world needs ditchdiggers too." Web 2.0 will always need the ditchdiggers. Thank goodness, the money is loose and there are "deep" established big venture firms like Bessemer with big guns like David Cowan , digging the ditches and investing the big VC money so that blogentrepreneurship can assume the lead in the next "bubble" of the internet (which will only be bottom of the second inning).

Two trends get clearer every day - The necessary move to smaller, wider, deeper, seed stage investments that need less capital AND blogentrepreneurship. Fewer billionaires, but plenty of millionaires in the making. As Chartreuse always says, "Small is the new Big!"

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