June 12, 2006

Blogging - The new new newest best big trend is almost mainstream!

Yes there are monetization problems, yes there are spam problems, but we shall overcome!

Blogging will lead to the next big burst in internet winners as I have been saying here for a while.

Google and Apple are the big public players, but there is so much talent, GLOBALLY, that it is impossible not to have ten baggers in the eventual next leg up. The tool makers will provide some winners as will those companies that help bloggers monetize their content. I use Google's blogger, but most of the serious bloggers use Automattic's Wordpress (venture backed - I a plan on switching shortly). There will be mergers galore as the big media companies continue to gobble up start-ups. All the ingredients for a big trend.

Go through the venture blogs that you can tap into from the "Venture Dudes" in my blogroll. Read them once a week to spot their investment trends and discussions. Mashable and Tech Crunch and TechMeme are profiling the next winners. There are a lot of pretenders for sure but that is part of big game hunting.

PS - My buddy Chartreuse was part of the mostly innocent scafuffle that Time, Inc has stirred up regarding the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt baby pictures. There are few cooler new media writers, and linkers than Chartreuse and he is a daily read of mine. A good story here outlines the problems for old media and why bloggers continue to flex new muscle . Chartreuse is showing you how to get things done in this new media age. DEEEEP ! Keep it up.

I think you've definitely become smarter since the Suns went home.

Or actually, you just had a short lapse there during the playoffs, and now you're back. :)
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