June 04, 2006

The Commodity Trend - Front page love at Barron's.

I like Jim Roger's. He's a nerd, but cool. He has had his share of fiasco's in the 40 plus years in the investment game, but he is a big risk taker.

He is a true LONG LONG-term trend follower. You don't have to check into his thinking too often because it does not change much. I have been following his commodity calls for the last 4 years years and his call for a single digit Fannie-Mae.

When you think long-term, you get to live your life. You get to plan, make changes and reset your gameplans. He has definitely led a good life and anytime he gives you a detailed peek into his thinking, it is worth the read .

With Gold touching $620 this week and the stocks down, I had been giving you a heads up that I was buying back what I was selling just weeks ago when Gold hit $700 plus . We will get a boost this week from Barron's for sure.

Barron's did a further piece on Gold this weekend as well. Here it is .

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