June 11, 2006

Digg expanding verticals - About Time!

TechMeme is reporting that Digg will not just be for Geeks anymore . I say ABOUT TIME!

No market is more in need of this service than the financial and stock markets. There are some great financial bloggers trying to offer clear advice and their voices should be heard.

As the blogsphere explodes, Digg, Techmeme and others should find a great vertical in financial and stock news.

Google has got a good head start, incorporating stock news from Bloogers in their Google Finance, but much improvement is possible.

Judging by the way I use TechMeme, StockMeme or DiggStocks would be a winner.

Very interesting. There's already a DigStock.com that used to be StockDig.com (or something like that). I was wondering why they changed their name (and URL). My thought was that digg made them change. Now I'm more convinced that was the case.
lot's of opportunity in this space to build upon.
DigStock's okay, but I find all the popups and ads a bit annoying. I prefer Flogz myself (www.flogz.com), it's a lot better written.
Thanks Mike - checked it out - not bad

Feel free to submit some of mine and I can check out their traffic.

I agree about DigStocks, Finance and or global markets is a better idea
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