June 05, 2006

Gaming the end of stock Trends

I love walking over to Border's, right next to my personal Apple store, and looking through the newspapers from around the world.

When I was a comic, I was too young to think this way. Today, that is where I would start. It is amazing what is front page news from city to city and country to country. But I digress for Mr. Angry !

The only financial paper I look forward to seeing is the Monday version of Investor's Business Daily. As a trend follower, most of the stocks that I own are in the Investor's Daily top 100.

Today, IBD added a GREAT column to offer the average trader, exit points from some of these stocks on the way up . It is a must read for any trend follower. I love this paper and I love William O'Neil. The man is a pioneer that constantly pushes the envelope for his readers.

IT IS THE ONLY FINANCIAL PAPER WORTH YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS. My little tip to you, you only need the Monday morning (weekend) edition.

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