June 07, 2006

Google bashing amongst the "Nerds" is reaching a crescendo!

I think I may have found a "tell" for calling tech stock tops and bottoms. It is the "nerd bitching" factor. When the "nerds" are bitching - BUY.

If you go into my blogroll "nerd section", you will read, with absolute boredom, an increasing drone of whines about Google. It is as if Google is the girl that shunned these same nerds during their high school prom years.

Right now, I cannot believe the biiitching about how Google is blowing this, wasting that, missing this, not taking risks....

Meanwhile, they have a hoard of cash, are totally in the driver's seat, have pretty sincere leadership , have competitor's chasing shadows and enemies that don't exist and all the while have well fed, well groomed, happy, smart employees, loaded with confidence and waiting to exploit the burgeoning video search market. It is text multiplied 1,000 billion, zillion times!

I should not have to remind you of this, but despite the massive global selloff underway in everything high tech, Asian, Indian, software, hardware, gold, silver, copper, drug related and oil related - TWO THINGS STAND OUT:

1. OIL IS AT $71/barrel

2. Google is still at $390 freaking dollars. Google can't be sold down. If there is a stock that should have been sold down in this global meltdown, it should have been Google. Aren't they the most expensive stock, screwing things up....

Guess what - Google may do better if people don't drive! Google does not need oil to survive.

This stock should rocket if the market firms. I am interested in finding out why.

This could be it! READ IT! If it is, look out ABOVE!

PS - How does a soft married, TIRED father (Gates) and a talking at shadows Ballmer take on these three relaxed dudes you see in the PHOTO. Game, Set, Match GOOGLE!

Disclosure - I do not own Google, but just may have to again soon!

You're right Howard, these bashers know next to nothing about running a company and making money. And I doubt they can even comprehend what it really means to be involved with the sort of money and power Google has. And they rarely have any sense of what people outside their narrow circle want.

I agree with the idea that MS can't really fight Google when the inevitable head-to head comes. Which is funny because the lies MS told in anti-trust hearings (and I believe they were pre-meditated lies) will suddenly end up being true.
I read them for a better edge in the stock market. Few others do and I fell it has given me an edge over traders just talking to traders.

Venture Dudes read it to give them a peek into early adopters and I am just tweaking it for public market usage. So far, I think I am on to something by listening in to these conversations (guys who really could give a shit about stocks and money and chicks and protein) instead of suits trying to rape you out of t=your last nickel.

Yes, it's painful to listen to their incessant whinibng, but better than the suits acting like cheerleaders.
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