June 14, 2006

James Cramer needs a new tag line...

"I can lose money for you anywhere, anytime"

"Show me the ...margin call!"

There's always a bull market somewhere...until there is a bear market everywhere and you are so mixed up by my shenanigans on CNBC that you are on margin and have lost your wife and your dog just peed on you and your kids are now going to Devry!"

At times like these, it is most glaringly obvious why CNBC and their "reporters"? offer ZERO value. Unfortunately, this is the ONLY time that listeners need value from this group of yahoo's.

Surely included in that list is James Cramer. I love this open letter to Cramer which I just came across - well done!

I think Greg Brady of Brady Bunch said it best when he said:

"It's all fun and games until Alice gets smacked in the head or Marcia loses an eye" or something.... :) OK NOT important, but,

Someone needs to remove this show and most CNBC daytime programming from the air immediately and replace with some responsible programming. Much damage is done but it is never too late. Dr. Phil would be better, Oprah would be much better, and Howard Stern would kill doing stocks (nobody has ever been hurt investing in porn!).

It is time for a change. Web 2.0 was made for Finance; on demand, on topic, educational and responsible. I know it's coming and I hope I can be a part of it.

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