June 14, 2006

Nice Close and a little relief from the Margin Dudes

In the you "think you are having a bad May and June department":

Rumor on the street is that Niederhoffer (legenday trader? for Soros) was down 28.5% in May. Wonder how June is going? And he JUST got to $400 million under management!


Back to my struggles:

Russia was up 10 percent so that was nice and India up 5 percent. I am still loaded up on these so one more great day would be NICE. I thought TRF could easily bounce to 60 when I posted midday and - sweet - we almost closed there.

In support of my two new most important countries, I am headed out for Indian food tonight with a Vodka chaser and than home to watch "From Russia With Love."

Tomorrow, I am off to Zales, Tiffany's and some other jewellers as I feel I need to start my Gold Mantra chant to get my stocks in gear. I think there could be a vicious bounce here, but did not add any positions, actually sold some of my calls into the early gold stock rally today. I am asking Robert Bruce , poetry guru, to write a cheerful gold poem for me and will recite it every hour tomorrow. If I could just get my Avatar going, you would be able to hear me recite it.

Not convnced on the US bottoming as interest rates shot higher, but hopeful for those long.

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