June 12, 2006

One trend this market downturn will surely end - Venture Dollars for Eyeballs!

The glorious eyeball lottery. Red hot again. Soon to be cold as Ice.

I don't believe the Web 2.0 that most of my blogroll covers is a BUBBLE. I think it is vibrant and sexy and an exciting "sign of the times", but, for those Web2.0 companies that have raised money to launch their "EYEBALL", "SOCIAL NETWORKING" "Alpha and Beta" experiment. they better make their funds last.

If the market downturn lasts 6 months or more, the doors wiill close again on this sector of the internet and only those internet businesses that are conducting transactions or have models that don't solely rely on advertising revenue will get new monies.

Not to worry though, the EYEBALL race will resume an upward trend for inning 3 somtime in 2008. It will be bigger and better than ever I am sure, with a whole new cast of characters.

I agree - we haven't come close to seeing the growth that the winners are going to enjoy. The potential just hasn't been capitalized on yet.

I think that part of the reason so many are claiming bubble is that Web 2.0 has enabled web 2.0 watchers a hyper-efficient view of every start-up. You couldn't get exposed to this many companies this easily before.

There will be losers. Start-ups will fail. It happens.

But the winners will make a truck load of cash for everyone who seeks them out.

I'm looking for guidance :)

(And also a lunch in Muskoka)
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