June 13, 2006

Robert Scoble - YAWN!

Talk about an echo chamber. Day three at TechMeme and he is still all over their site. I am close to removing this site from my blogroll as it is starting to seem rather irrelevant. It's becoming a club that I would not want to be associated with. I won't even bother linking, just Google him.

I have never seen such ass kissing for a guy in my life.

I have met Robert briefly - absolutely a nice guy and seemed sincere. Liked our golf doohickey website. So I bought his book - a real page turner - UNTIL PAGE 3!

It is still WAY early in the blogging phenomenon and the big money has not even been thought of (video is getting wamer), so I guess you have to put up with this stuff. But Geez, if Scoble and Amanda whatever her name is can get this much attention, just wait until we get a Madonna or Howard Stern baby.

No offense Robert, good luck.

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