June 03, 2006

Suns/Mavs - Game 6 - May the better "LOOKING" team win!


Today, I am just looking for an edge, an angle, a ray of SUN! Something to latch my wide behind onto as I suit up to cheer with the gang tonight at Game 6.

If the Mavs, basically Nowitzki, play like they did in Game 5, we don't have a chance. The series has no trends so with some good energy, good officiating (ya right!), a few breaks and some great shooting, the Sun's could win two in a row and face Fred Wilson's HEAT in the Final's. Fred would be buying by the way (venture guys have coin)!

If hollywood were writing the script, the Mav's would have no chance. Have you ever seen a group of uglier players? That is rhetorical, the answer is no. I have included a team shot from a distance so as not to torture you!

Nowitzki's mom never kissed this guy - judge for yourself but if you click, have a garbage can close by (nice dunk though ugger boy!).

Yes, he also looks like Herman Munster, but I am trying not to get too personal.

O.k. you say, what about our MVP Steve Nash. He is no movie star. Point taken. The best picture I could find was this bobblehead that was created while he was with the Mavs.

Then again - he looks a lot like Tom Petty. Tom Petty is a huge rock star, one of my faves. We all know how much "TAIL" rock stars get - even more than Basketball stars.

Therefore, ugly leaders on both sides, but ROCK STAR trumps TV SITCOM STAR. Big edge to Suns.

Let's move on.

Flickr is full of close-up pictures of Raja Bell. The girls think he is HOT HOT HOT. See for yourself.

My wife thinks he is hot and sexy. I can't argue with her - she chose me!

You need more I sense. Here you go:

Boris Diaw is French, thick and tall. Chicks dig French guys, especially guys that look like this. Chartreuse would hug this guy. Shit - so would Brian at CopyBlogger and he lives in Dallas!

How about Shawn Marion - what a sexy dunker!

Leandro Barbosa - he's so fast and cute according to the girls at MySpace and Flickr, that you just want to cuddle with him. Here he is schooling "Herman" on a patented drive to the hoop.

SCREW THE EXCUSE THING - if we lose, it's because Dallas never had to match up against the "Best Looking" stud in the league. Dallas just got lucky this year!

PS - Flickr just rocks. Thanks for making it flickrpeopledudes!

PSS - Give me some of this tonight - PLEASE!

Great post. Had me laughing out loud!
I was trying to type it on the treadmill this morning when I though about it. I need serious help!
This Texas gal is for the Mav's...naturally.

If the Suns win I will personally post a wtg for you in my blog....grudgingly, but I will.
Get your fingers loose sweetie.
The Suns are rising... new ringtone. Now if they don't blow it here in the 2nd half.

C'mon Nash!
On another note - Nash has been the best/worst thing for Canadian basketball... bringing a lot of interest to it at the youth level, but everyone from Highschool up who takes it seriously grows out the silliest hair.
Series over. Howard, don't worry... I won't hold you to that Mavericks jersey thing.
If Fred teaches me how to use this Avatar - it will be up tonight.

I think the Diamondbacks are better than the Rangers :)
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