June 13, 2006

Thanks for the kind messages and some other miscellaneous stuff...

Funny, but being wrong the last few days has somehow increased my readership substantially.

The next biggest readership adder is the Kobe dunks on Nash post . Classic how the internet works. I think it is just my friends from LA pinging away at it and laughing at my expense.

One of my fund partners, who surprisingly, is reading my blog from China had a few key comments as per my requests on shipping strength.

What other freight choices are there AND business is not bad.

Also, although there is TOO much construction and should correct, nothing fundamental has changed. The US is fast becoming the tail (no argument there) and BUY CHINA.

Trust me when I say that this partner is WAYYYY ahead of the game and has been for a long time. I always listen to him.

Pulling up the China chart now.

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