June 13, 2006

Trades I am trying...

Bought TRF and IFN at the open prints this morning and been buying Gold stocks. The premium on Gold Stock calls is rediculous which means fear is rocketing.

This is why it is good to have some cash as the options are just too expensive for the money (my opinion)

Covered my Fedex puts.

I am amazed that with the crash in metals, oil has not plunged as well. It could plunge $10 at anytime so avoiding the stocks.

are you looking at some particular gold stocks?

because of IFN's premium to NAV, I much prefer IIF, which is at a discount.
Cybertarder - thanks. My obvious lack of research has cost me extra here so far. Will check into this if I double down.

DM - the gold stocks I now own today are GOLD, AAUK, NEM, FCX (ugh), GG, MDG AEM - you may have them if you like :)
Thanks, but I've been hammered enough that I'm ready to bail on them - NG, IAG...

Just waiting for the witchy week to pass...
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