June 03, 2006

Trend Updates - other opinions - AND WHAT CAN YOU TAKE AWAY FROM IT.

Over at Maoxian, I read two good posts about trends in the global markets. The FANTASTIC thing about looking, reading and thinking about long-term trends is the incredible amount of money you can make with simple insights.

The two that stand out to me:

The Chinese impact on world tourism . It helps explain the rise we have seen in Boeing. Quite honestly, I did not see or think of this as I have just watched Booeing climb the last few years.


the developing world is growing richer .

This is a great opportunity and something I will be thinking and reading about. Communication and information devices, broadband, jewelry and travel are the main benefactors of this trend.

The Indian culture truly believes in gold and jewelry. It is a fact. It is not just the US's loose mentary policy that has helped Gold prices this go around. It is the growing wealth in India and China. Look for this trend to continue and even accelerate.

Another big news event that will create some big winners - wireless spectrum may become available to the airlines. Stuart McDonald, an ex-marketing chief at Expedia posts on it here . A few simple posts that unearth a wealth of trend information.

Another reason to watch the new high lists on a daily basis!

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