June 02, 2006

Trends - why being first does not matter - AND - Don't be a snob.

The new high list is where to look for your winners. Taser hit a new all-time high at $1 (after a 500 percent gain) and went on to $30 of more new highs. Hansen's juice hit an all-time highs at $10 before it hit $200. Apple hit an all time high at $40 in 2005. It still went on to double by the beginning of this year.

Leave the new low list to Warren Buffet, the Big Bad Banks and hopers!

Bessemer Ventures has a funny link on their website that describes the great companies, including Google, Ebay and Starbucks, that they have kicked out of their offices.

I guess the point is to make them look more human and even cool. It does not.

My two cents on this - I think they could go a step further and talk about investments that they passed on, but came back to later. That would make them look more human because it would offer a point of education and teaching.

It is o.k. to pay a higher price for things in the investing world. That is what trend FOLLOWERS DO.

It as if Bessemer is saying, if we can't be first, we never want to be in. I am sure they have participated in later rounds of deals they have passed on, paid the higher price and gone on to make huge returns anyway. We are snobs and pigheaded about our thinking. We don't change our minds.

Bessemer also makes light mention of a few silly investments. How about why they made them. They obviously spent thousands of man hours on those. Is there nothing to garner from this. Are they just goofballs and sweet silly guys.

Come on Bessemer.....one more tab! Educate the little people.

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