June 05, 2006

The Web is America times 1,000 - Why Bubbles can be GOOD!

About 10 days ago, I bought a useless piece of "ART" for approximately $50 (number 630) . Today, the cheapest of 1,000 paintings is selling for approximately $150. Number 361 is being sold for $350.

When the BBC finishes their interview with the "idea man" behind this spectacle of fluff and noise, there will likely be less than 300 paintings of the original 1,000 to be sold.

I told you to buy one.

Brian told you to buy one after he heard Seth said to buy one. Brian is from Dallas, so he does not trust a Phoenician and needed Seth to say it was OK before he plunged. Wimp! Still - an ART MAVEN though buddy.

It may be getting a little silly at this point, but for $50, if it becomes worthless I have a great piece of "ART" (LOL) with a fun story. If I sell it for $1,000 I am an ART PLAYER BABY!

It is something to behold - this new America - this "Global BroadBand America" that the bubble built.

I hope that Web 2.0 is a bubble (it isn't), because the aftermath will be just as wicked.


Footnote - WICKEDER - Today marks the start of something Chartreuse says is important in any successful blog - invented phrases . When I use made up words and phrases, I plan to give credit to the man who really taught me that no word was made up if you said it loud enough - Don King

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